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Get WMI Query

UPDATE: Get WMI Query v1.5 is now available – click the Downloads button to obtain


We are pleased to announce the release of Get WMI Query v1.4

This is an update to the previous release and now includes a drop down list consisting of Model and Manufacturer. We are working on further releases of this program so if there is anything you would like added, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post and we’ll try and add this into our future releases.



  • Removed Get Query button
  • Added “Select an Option” drop down menu containing Model and Manufacturer
  • Returned Value added
  • Manufacturer option and WMI query output added
  • About button added


This program is designed to help in a SCCM environment where there is a need to provide a multiple set of drivers to a task sequence during an operating system deployment. This may also assist in the same process for those using WDS.

This program can be run on a machine where you require to retrieve the exact details from the WMI under Win32_ComputerSystem. It will then give you the information as selected from the drop down list and also the WMI Query that you would need to add to your SCCM or WDS task sequence.

As an example, below is a step in my task sequence for drivers for a HP Probook 6460b and the WMI query that I use as an option on this step to enable this step to run only on a HP Probook 6460b.


Once you have downloaded Get WMI Query from the links above, you will see that you have the option to select either Model or Manufacturer from the drop down list:

Once you have made your selection, the program will go and gather the information from the machines WMI and return the data into the Returned Value box and it will then also present you with the correct WMI query that you can use for your task sequence steps:

All you have to do is copy and copy the WMI Query into your task sequence step.

Should you notice any bugs in this program, or if you have any comments or suggestions for future releases, please leave a comment in the box below.

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