ImgBurn – Configuration Manager Software Catalog Entry

Imgburn is a great tool for burning CD & DVD’s and also to capture ISO’s from media.

This tool is free to download from:

ImgBurn Download

If you wish to have this tool in your Software Catalog as an Application, or maybe installed during your OSD task sequences, you can by doing the following:

Create an application with the source being pointed to the executable file that you download from the Imgburn website.

Then, you need to manually create the program for this installer with the command line of:

 "installer.exe" /S  

Please take note of the capital S at the end of the command line.

As you are using an executable file instead of an MSI file to create your application, you will need to manually add a detection rule. This can be done by adding a File System rule with the follwing settings:

 PATH: %ProgramFiles(x86)%ImgBurn  
 FILE: ImgBurn.exe  

Your detection rule should then look like this:

ImgBurn - Configuration Manager Software Catalog Entry 1

Then just complete your application setup, distribute to your DP’s and deploy to your selected collections.

The Imgburn software will then be available in your catalog.

ImgBurn - Configuration Manager Software Catalog Entry 2
If you have any issues with this or have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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