Orchestrator & SCCM OSD Task Sequence Failed Email Notification

I’ve recently started to use Orchestrator in our live environment to conduct a number of actions but mainly to solve the issue of lack of email alerts within Configuration Manager. At the moment, we are not using Service Manager so finding an alternative to what that offers has become a task of mine.

Using Orchestrator and a mixture of Powershell scripting and integrated MP’s into Orchestrator, I have managed to setup a set of runbooks that email our IT Support Desk when a Software Catalog request has been sent and then an automated email to the requesting user when we deny or approve that request.

So, this got me thinking, what else can we do with Orchestrator? I came up with a lot of ideas and I’ll be looking into these ideas over the next few weeks, but having been Googling ideas for Orchestrator and in particular the email functions, I came across this post which looks pretty great.

SCCM OSD Task Sequence Fail Email Notification

I’ve not tested this yet but the theory seems to be that if your OSD task sequence fails, using MDT integration, you can invoke a Orchestrator runbook to run – this runbook would then have the variables and setup to email a notification to, lets say your IT Support Desk.

I’ll test this out next week along with a few other ideas and post back here my findings and any useful information that I may have.

If you have any ideas or links for Orchestrator linking into OSD TS then feel free to comment and share them with us.

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