Windows Language Pack Codes

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I’ve been working for Windows language packs lately, particularly in the OSD part of SCCM. So part of that is knowing what the language pack codes are for various languages.

The below is the full list of codes from Microsoft so hope this helps if you need it.

Display NameLanguage NameEOL Base Language
Arabic (Saudi Arabia)ar-SAPartialen-US
Bulgarian (Bulgaria)bg-BGPartialen-US
Chinese (Hong Kong S.A.R.)zh-HKPartialzh-TW
Chinese (PRC)zh-CNPartialen-US
Chinese (Taiwan)zh-TWPartialen-US
Croatian (Croatia)hr-HRPartialen-US
Czech (Czech Republic)cs-CZPartialen-US
Danish (Denmark)da-DKPartialen-US
Dutch (Netherlands)nl-NLFull<n/a>
English (United States)en-USFull<n/a>
Estonian (Estonia)et-EEPartialen-US
Finnish (Finland)fi-FIPartialen-US
French (France)fr-FRFull<n/a>
German (Germany)de-DEFull<n/a>
Greek (Greece)el-GRPartialen-US
Hebrew (Israel)he-ILPartialen-US
Hungarian (Hungary)hu-HUPartialen-US
Italian (Italy)it-ITFull<n/a>
Japanese (Japan)ja-JPFull<n/a>
Korean (Korea)ko-KRPartialen-US
Latvian (Latvia)lv-LVPartialen-US
Lithuanian (Lithuania)lt-LTPartialen-US
Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway)nb-NOPartialen-US
Polish (Poland)pl-PLPartialen-US
Portuguese (Brazil)pt-BRPartialen-US
Portuguese (Portugal)pt-PTPartialen-US
Romanian (Romania)ro-ROPartialen-US
Russian (Russia)ru-RUPartialen-US
Serbian (Latin, Serbia)sr-Latn-CSPartialen-US
Slovak (Slovakia)sk-SKPartialen-US
Slovenian (Slovenia)sl-SIPartialen-US
Spanish (Spain)es-ESFull<n/a>
Swedish (Sweden)sv-SEPartialen-US
Thai (Thailand)th-THPartialen-US
Turkish (Turkey)tr-TRPartialen-US
Ukrainian (Ukraine)uk-UAPartialen-US

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