SCCM – Last logged on user query – All Systems


If you are looking for a query that will display all machines and their last logged on user, the below will do this for you without any prompts. This allows you to search on the data to find what you would like across the information provided by the query.
The query below is the full code to bring back all sorts of information, you can strip this right back if you like to just bring back simple information like username and machine name…

If you wish to use this same query but be prompted for a user name of a last logged on user and then be supplied with that users machine information, a slightly amended version of this code is available here:

Find system by Last Logged on User Query for SCCM

There is also a query that you can use that will prompt for a NetBIOS name and supply you with all the information you require:

Find last logged on user by NetBIOS name

The query code to do this is below:

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Our full range of SQL and WQL Collection queries are available here.


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