Clearing the ConfigMgr (SCCM) client local cache


If you are having issues with any SCCM software deployments or catalog deployments not working, it may be that the software you are trying to deploy has already been attempted to be installed and the older version is sat in the SCCM client cache on the users local machine. It could also be that the files in the cache are corrupt.

To try and fix this, you can empty the users SCCM client cache and try the installation again. To clear the cache, you should do the following:


Go into Control Panel and then go into Configuration Manager.

Once in the Configuration Manager Properties, click the Cache tab:

SCCM Cache Delete

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You then need to activate the setting by clicking the Configure Settings button, you can then click the Delete Files button which will clear the ccmcache located at (by default):


SCCM Cache Delete

You can also use this page to change the location of your Configuration Manager Client Cache. To do this, just click the Change Location button and select a new location for your client cache.


If you wish to use the old CCMClean.exe tool which will fully uninstall the SCCM Client for you, you can download it using the button below:

Download CCMClean

Please be aware though that the CCMClean tool is no longer supported by Microsoft.


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