Batch Convert WAV files into Shoretel Correct Format

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UPDATE: v2 of this tool has now been released and you can access it here:

Batch WAV Converter for ShoreTel v2

If you need to batch convert any files into the correct Shoretel format to use for prompts, messages or ringtones, there is a simple way of doing this without having to mess around with Audacity.

If you click the link below and download the zip file, you can use this tool to instantly convert the files into the correct Shoretel format:

Download Shoretel WAV Converter

Once you have the zip file, extract it to any location. You then need to copy your file unto the root of the extracted directory with the other files. Then, double click the “batch-convert-shoretel” batch file.

This will then convert all the files into the correct Shoretel format and output them into the ShoreTel-Ready folder. You can then copy these files and use them in your Shoretel system.

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