Java Updates to Client Machines using Windows Updates


After really wanting to get Java updates pushed through our WSUS but never really having the time to look into it, last week I decided it was time to get it done after endless complaints from our users (they dont have admin rights so when they get the automatic Java updates they fail – and to our users this is the worse thing that could happen in the world ever….).

So, I started looking into it and after all the putting it off, found it to be extremely simple.

All you need is WSUS (which we use rather than SCCM to push out updates but obviously its the same thing at the end of the day…) and SCUP (System Center Update Publisher). You download the latest version of the Java client, create a custom update and put in some register entries to see what version the client currently has and whether an update is required, push it out and boom – Java updates using WSUS!

Note that to use SCUP you must have an installed, licensed System Center for your business as per the pre-reqs for downloading SCUP.

I’ve now put together a full step-by-step guide on how to do this, so if you are interested, you can find the guide by clicking the link below:

Java Updates using WSUS/SCCM/SCUP

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