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This one is fairly simple but did take a while to figure out and lots of testing, also be very careful – if you make it a forced out install, it WILL automatically restart your client machine WITHOUT WARNING!!!

Package up your software and run the following Program command line:

vpnclient_setup.exe /qn

This will complete a silent and unattended Cisco VPN Client install.

You can try to add the /norestart switch to this command line to stop it from rebooting automatically although I’ve not tested this bit yet – if you have, would like to hear your feedback.

NOTE: If you are using the more up to date SCCM 2012, you can now use the MSI packages and software catalog to deploy Cisco VPN Client without it needing to restart. I’ve put together some newer guides for doing this that can be found here:

Cisco VPN Client Silent Distribution using MSI

You may also be able to use this method using SCCM 2007 although I’ve not yet tested it on this platform to be able to confirm.

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