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  1. bcurran3 says:

    USP is available via Chocolatey for install and maintenance.
    (I maintain it.)

    If you don’t know what Chocolatey is, it is a free package manager for Windows; http://chocolatey.org

  2. bcurran3 says:


    FYI-1: 5.7.1 executables display as build 5.7 and – but do show as May 2017

    FYI-2: x86 portable is showing (presumably false positive) as malware in BitDefender as Trojan.GenericKD.5001190 and I think possibly in Windows Defender as well.

  3. Bernie Bell says:

    Great Product – However I am really really annoyed and disappointed at all the “tricks” you employ on this site to try and get me to download other stuff. This is old hat skulduggery and you should be long passed this by now!

  4. Jorge says:

    version 5.7.1 just won’t install.
    Error 1001: Application not found.
    version 5.6 installs/uninstalls just fine.

  5. Chris Clayton says:

    I cannot find either Registry Editor or God Mode which I need. Cortana and Windows Search are not working, or I would have tried there.

    Windows 10

  6. moodlied says:

    Can I download source code?

  7. Colin Bulman says:

    What are the three buttons on the tricks tab supposed to do? I only get a command line window with a not recognised message each time. I have sent you a screenshot as well.

  8. Claud says:

    Going around and around in circles never getting to an actual download link. “Lite” version just returns “error 500” on administrator installation. And you’re gpoing to ask for a screenshot or whatever. Harrumph. I know there is no free lunch but I;ve had 20 odd years of this nonsense. MEH. WebUser this is rubbish.

    • tghadmin says:

      Really not sure what your issue is but we tried to help and you do not seem to want us to help you by providing us with information as to what your issue actually is.

      Its pretty clear that you have trouble with downloading from our website when its very clear to the 100,000’s of other people that have successfully downloaded from us.

      Just to prove to you that the download is there and very easy to get, I suggest that you read this article which explains it in clear terms on how to download our FREE (lets not forget that bit) software:


      We look forward to an apology.

  9. A very useful program only spoilt by download links not very clear. Also McAfee warns about web site. You could also try in your next version uninstalling previous version s

  10. Peter400 says:

    I cannot see how to download this either, just some big green buttons to download junk. shame.

  11. Ian Mortimer says:

    Fantastic adverts hope they serve you well. Pity there is no download link for potential users, or if there is can you tel me where its hidden???

  12. Fred Up says:

    disabled download link just because I use adblocker – well even though its free its a customer lost………………….

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