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SCCM SQL Query – Spotify Installations

We have recently been asked to report on Spotify installations within our SCCM environment. The reason is that the IT policies state that users should not be installing Spotify on company machines but a...


SCCM – Delete a Device using VBS

If you are using SCCM and you want to delete a device from your database (for example if you are using OSD and only deploying to Unknown Devices) then you would normally have to...


SCCM – OneDrive Next Generation Sync Client

If you want to deploy the new OneDrive Next Generation Sync Client using SCCM, then there is a excellent guide available detailing how to do this over at You can see the guide by...


SCCM WQL Query – All Windows 10 Installs

If you are using Configuration Manager and you want to create a collection based on all Windows 10 installations, you can use this WQL query below:

You can change the “%Microsoft Windows NT...


SCCM SQL Query – Count Computers by Model

If you are using Configuration Manager and want to run an SQL query on your database to count the number of different models you have in your organisation, you can use this SQL query below...