How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram

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  1. Vinny says:

    Dude Thank you~! 1337 [email protected] legit shit!

  2. TommyGun says:

    This is great, saved me so much time. Is there a way to change the script so it follow users. I tried to change the text from “following” to “follow” but it doesn’t seem to follow the users in the pop-up I want to follow.

  3. sourabh says:

    not able to paste it in my console

  4. skottmckay says:

    I found that I could do 15 at a time by manual testing (so change ‘if(x==3)’ to ‘if(x==15)’ every 700 seconds (so change the last line in the second script from ‘}, 1000);’ to ‘}, 700000);’

    600 seconds (10 minutes) was not long enough. The second loop would return errors. 700 seconds was stable. It also tends to only delete 10 at a time unless you scroll the Following window down to trigger loading of more entries. With that step it would delete 15 each iteration.

    Successfully deleted a couple of thousand users by letting it run for two days.

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