Windows Server 2008 R2 Evaluation Product Keys

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  1. Thanks for posting these keys – very useful

  2. Just what I needed. thanks

  3. Bakht Ali says:

    Working for me.. but only for 180 Days….

  4. Alex says:

    Thanks you for your help. I use windows server 2008 r2 standard ant it expired 1 month ago. Please can you help me to get another product key?

  5. Santosh Sharma says:

    Thanks for Eval key, I was using Windows server 2008 R2 datacenter key for my Home lab . However it got expired 10 days back . Can you help me in getting the key to be extended for 180 days again

  6. niksworld says:

    Thanks for 2008 R2 Eval Keys!!!

  7. Nawang says:

    slmgr /ato works for me which automatically activates the OS for 180 Days. NO KEYS REQUIRED…

  8. Mergim says:


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